Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Spirit!



Fashion icon Rihanna is becoming the new face of Balmain for the upcoming SS14 collection. Available to view in the media from January onwards, the campaign that was shot in January last month by Inez Van Lamsweerde features RiRi wearing a kimono style pink and white coat and another image featuring a denim, chain embellished top. 

NEW! Favourite Online Store..

After scouring the internet for a brand that offers high fashion clothing and bang on trend styles I found nothing, until I discovered this brand is quite possibly revolutionary. With celebs and fashion bloggers alike all massive fans of the brand and at very reasonable prices. After the christmas shopping is done and out of the way I will definitely be making a few purchases from this brand. If only I had known sooner everything would have been at the top of my christmas list! Colored Skirt with Geometric Printing

This colourful print skirt is something we will all be seeing filling the wardrobes of SS14 with bold prints and bright colours filling the runways of the SS14 shows.

Skater skirt with eye print

This skirt is very reminiscent of something I have seen from Kenzo very recently with this abstract eye print at a fraction of the price.


Brocade trousers in geometric pattern

These trousers were something that I recognised seeing a lot of recently in the media, metallic trousers have become something of a fashion statement with lots of high end fashion designers releasing this style of trouser in their collections. Elle Macpherson was seen wearing something similar, you can get the above from fronrow shop online for just £42.90.

Happy Shopping!

Rise of the Monster

Something I am loving at the moment is the new collection from Fendi, so sophisticated and fashionable, yet… cute! The iconic peekaboo, transformed into something new, fresh and very exciting with the introduction of the prestigious new little monster range. Accompanied by the range of baguette bags (a little more extravagant) fluffy and colourful as they are high fashion and extremely desirable. Adjacent to the little (or not so little) bag charms that take the form of the large faces of the so called monsters ranging at £400+ but so worth it. With Fendi taking on this new range it is expected that it is to influence other ares of the brand such as the clothing lines, filled with chunky, luxurious furs and colours. Models on the runways taking on the forms of the spiky-haired bag charms and hats to match.

Hitchcock and Couture

“Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.”

― Alfred Hitchcock 

Hitchcock, through my lenses is somewhat a genius, in ways many people could argue he had a lot of different problems and I would argue back that it was those problems that contributed to such great success. He had a lot of fears and because of this he became very obsessive and controlling with his directing, cast and personal life. It is well known, to anybody who knows a vague history of Hitchcock, his obsession with women (blonde women). He was fascinated by them – a particular type of blonde – often referred to as the ‘Ice Blonde’ the deceiving blonde that doesn’t give an awful lot away. The type of woman you cannot see through the mysterious, enigmatic and controlling female who he commonly cast in all of his films. The films Hitchcock directed proved to have several different themes than ran apparent through most; stairs, mirrors, policemen, voyeurism, heights, birds, blondes, knives etc. Perfect examples would be, ‘Birds’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Vertigo’ the said common themes are all examples of Hitchcock’s fears and as he had also quoted “The only way for me to get rid of my fears, is to make films about them”. So now you all know a little bit of background let me enlighten you with how I believe this director influenced a fashion era. 


Prada & Bottega Veneta – Credit Harpers Bazaar 


Louis Vuitton & Rochas – Credit Harpers Bazaar


Dolce & Gabbana & Aquilando Rimondi – Credit Harpers Bazaar

We see in these images of the stone cold faced models of the Hitchcock inspired, bland and unattractive sophisticated looks the impact that the director has made on the industry, with the influence he had on the wardrobe of his cast it is very apparent that it was Hitchcock who in fact made the decisions behind all these looks. The stylist was there as a guide and Hitchcock was the one to approve the tailored lines and the skirt suits that were fitted in an unflattering shade of grey in ‘Vertigo’ on Kim Novak. He did this to draw attention to the scene and the story, he made it very clear he did not want his audiences distracted by low cuts and translucent fabrics. His views were well known on Marilyn Monroe – famous sexual icon at the time – he voiced that she was too obvious and didn’t leave enough to the imagination, supporting the argument of the ‘Ice Blonde’. It was the slick back – buttoned up blonde he wanted to feature and it was those girls that he was obsessed with. 

Tippi Hedren in The Birds.

Tippi Hedren in ‘Birds’


Kim Novak in ‘Vertigo’

Rear Window

Grace Kelly in ‘Rear Window’



So the dreaded day is upon us, and suddenly it becomes apparent that we all have to start thinking panicking about the costumes that we hadn’t planned. A time for stocking up on sweets and carving pumpkins for the the sheer entertainment of trick or treaters. All in the name of good fun, I have collated some images of the more fashion friendly costume ideas I have found for all you fashionistas. I will be working this Halloween, thus I will not be attempting any of these looks my self so I will leave it to you to enjoy these and comment telling me what you’re doing this Halloween. xox

20131031-093004 am.jpg

20131031-093035 am.jpg
Choose this one and you could have the only genuinely scary outfit in the building – best dressed. How you dress it up I will leave to you and your imaginations.

20131031-093445 am.jpg

20131031-093519 am.jpg
Saw: This one is very creative, very impressive and (although it may not look it) easy, easier than than constructing a full blown costume!

20131031-094206 am.jpg
This Halloween/fancy dress look is growing increasingly popular and I know why.. It’s easy yet really effective with some face paint and a sharpie – or something a little less permanent.

20131031-094423 am.jpg

20131031-094431 am.jpg
These Medusa and Black Swan inspired looks are simple but I can 97% guarantee all the other Tinker Bell’s, Bunnies and Cavewomen wouldn’t have thought of it.

20131031-094717 am.jpg
This creative, artistic take on the classic tiger revamps the typical halloween costume into a very sophisticated impressive version.

20131031-095121 am.jpg

20131031-095139 am.jpg

20131031-095150 am.jpg

Happy Halloweening!!