STEAL – Leather Look Picks

STEAL - Leather Look Picks

Forever New collar blouse
$66 –

Black faux leather pants
$40 –

Pull Bear black mini skirt
$37 –


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Christian dior perfume

Christian Dior pink cosmetic
$48 –

Reclaimed furniture
$640 –

Bare Bones – High Fashion Halloween

20131023-114549 am.jpg

20131023-114557 am.jpg

20131023-114605 am.jpg

20131023-114613 am.jpg
It’s that time of year again, dressing up, Halloween parties, trick or treating.. Agonising nights spent with black eyeliner and white face paint only to decide, I’ll just be a doll instead. Well this year I’ve come to the conclusion that with a little more effort (and money) all of us can make halloween a little bit more high fashion – a little bit more impressive.

20131023-115025 am.jpg

20131023-115035 am.jpg

20131023-115043 am.jpg

20131023-115056 am.jpg

20131023-115109 am.jpg

20131023-115123 am.jpg

20131023-115132 am.jpg

20131023-115140 am.jpg

20131023-115149 am.jpg

20131023-115200 am.jpg

20131023-115210 am.jpg

20131023-115218 am.jpg

20131023-115226 am.jpg

20131023-115234 am.jpg

20131023-115241 am.jpg

20131023-115251 am.jpg

20131023-115300 am.jpg

20131023-115307 am.jpg

20131023-115316 am.jpg

20131023-115327 am.jpg

20131023-115339 am.jpg

20131023-115349 am.jpg

20131023-115356 am.jpg

20131023-115408 am.jpg

20131023-115416 am.jpg

20131023-115423 am.jpg

20131023-115429 am.jpg

Recreating Similar Summer Looks

Recreating Similar Summer Looks

Green tee
$21 –

See by Chloé flap wallet
$290 –

Ivy Revel – New Name Brand

Ivy Revel is a brand new online store that I just can’t get enough of, it began operations early this month. A clothing line in collaboration with Kenza Zouiten famous Swedish fashion blogger. At very reasonable prices (and with international shipping) it’s a fast growing company and we should all be considering pieces for own wardrobes. With beautiful designs and increasing popularity in the world of fashion blogging I thought I would share some images of new pieces in their line.

20131020-104034 pm.jpg

20131020-104052 pm.jpg

20131020-104109 pm.jpg

20131020-104117 pm.jpg

20131020-104127 pm.jpg

20131020-104138 pm.jpg

20131020-104149 pm.jpg

20131020-104158 pm.jpg
A fabulous winter collection for style and practicality, some favourites being the oversized fluffy jumpers. The leather, drop hem skirt and strappy vests all with possibilities of dressing up and down. I know I will be investing in some Ivy Revel pieces this season, I will love them, so will you.