NEW! Favourite Online Store..

After scouring the internet for a brand that offers high fashion clothing and bang on trend styles I found nothing, until I discovered this brand is quite possibly revolutionary. With celebs and fashion bloggers alike all massive fans of the brand and at very reasonable prices. After the christmas shopping is done and out of the way I will definitely be making a few purchases from this brand. If only I had known sooner everything would have been at the top of my christmas list! Colored Skirt with Geometric Printing

This colourful print skirt is something we will all be seeing filling the wardrobes of SS14 with bold prints and bright colours filling the runways of the SS14 shows.

Skater skirt with eye print

This skirt is very reminiscent of something I have seen from Kenzo very recently with this abstract eye print at a fraction of the price.


Brocade trousers in geometric pattern

These trousers were something that I recognised seeing a lot of recently in the media, metallic trousers have become something of a fashion statement with lots of high end fashion designers releasing this style of trouser in their collections. Elle Macpherson was seen wearing something similar, you can get the above from fronrow shop online for just £42.90.

Happy Shopping!


Bare Bones – High Fashion Halloween

20131023-114549 am.jpg

20131023-114557 am.jpg

20131023-114605 am.jpg

20131023-114613 am.jpg
It’s that time of year again, dressing up, Halloween parties, trick or treating.. Agonising nights spent with black eyeliner and white face paint only to decide, I’ll just be a doll instead. Well this year I’ve come to the conclusion that with a little more effort (and money) all of us can make halloween a little bit more high fashion – a little bit more impressive.

20131023-115025 am.jpg

20131023-115035 am.jpg

20131023-115043 am.jpg

20131023-115056 am.jpg

20131023-115109 am.jpg

20131023-115123 am.jpg

20131023-115132 am.jpg

20131023-115140 am.jpg

20131023-115149 am.jpg

20131023-115200 am.jpg

20131023-115210 am.jpg

20131023-115218 am.jpg

20131023-115226 am.jpg

20131023-115234 am.jpg

20131023-115241 am.jpg

20131023-115251 am.jpg

20131023-115300 am.jpg

20131023-115307 am.jpg

20131023-115316 am.jpg

20131023-115327 am.jpg

20131023-115339 am.jpg

20131023-115349 am.jpg

20131023-115356 am.jpg

20131023-115408 am.jpg

20131023-115416 am.jpg

20131023-115423 am.jpg

20131023-115429 am.jpg