Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Spirit!


Dressing up Fall: AW13

I believe that when it comes to the colder months and the frosty mornings begin to settle in it is agreed – especially amongst the British population – wardrobes will take on a more practical role as well as fashionable.

We all need to start dressing warmer over the next 6 months (what will feel like 6 years) and personally this proposes the perfect opportunity to abuse the latest collections and pieces that are already filling our local stores. I have collated some pieces to demonstrate comfort and warmth in its glory and my personal favourite piece this week.

20131013-111001 am.jpg
This topshop playsuit offers the ease of a grab and go outfit as well as the catwalk-esque structured tee combined with the high waist fitted pant. Creating the perfect sophisticated look paired with a pair of winter ready boots and a very grown up pink coat this is the perfect casual yet classy daytime look.

20131015-125850 pm.jpg

20131015-010034 pm.jpg

Zara Suede Boots

As Britain’s brief summer is quickly slipping through the fingers of the fashion world and embroidered shorts and cat eye shades begin to disappear. Another door opens and a new lease of life is brought back for the winter wardrobe of 2012 and the new collections of 2013. This brings me the utmost joy in sharing my most recent purchase from Zara. My favourite high street brand for exuding class and sophistication.

Last years boots have lived and died and it’s now time to make room for a brand new pair. My beautiful, well loved (and very much used) leather knee highs from the previous AW12 Topshop collection were the perfect leather boot. Now dead and gone due to over wearing and super soft leather.

My heart now belongs to my new best friends for this winter. The perfect combination of style and practicality.

20130930-034428 pm.jpg

20130930-034503 pm.jpg

20130930-034511 pm.jpg